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John Alexander - Master of Magic
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John Alexander - Master of Magic

Regency Oaks Clearwater’s Premier Life care Community

“Thank you so much for your performance at Regency Oaks on the evening of August 13...The residents thoroughly enjoyed your magic show…I received many compliments on your behalf. Your illusions were novel-not “the same old thing” that we’ve all seen before. The touches of humour were appropriate-you kept everyone’s attention throughout the show. We hope you will consider coming back to entertain us next year.”

Martha Mascharka


Somerset County Chapter Human Potential Action Committee

“…I am greatful to you for providing the great entertainment for our walk. It was a wonderful selection of magic and a very professional procedure…It would be a pleasure to recommend you to my friends in the future…Your kindness and caring will always be appreciated.”

Anna Day


Third Reformed Church

"I wanted to thank you for a great show that you put on this past July 23 for or Summer Concert Series. You thoroughly entertained the crowd and really had them in the palm of your hand, waiting to see what would happen next. You made a lasting impression on all in attendance, and we look forward to having you again next year."

Chuck Schaeffer, Consistory Deacon

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